Hello to all,
I have almost finished developing a python library to standardize the method names of the classes involved in creating instances on NOSQL databases.

The library consists of interfaces (abstract class) to help you create your own NOSQL library.
The library is this:

In this repo you will also find pseudo-real examples of libraries that emulate real database behaviors. These examples are in the tests folder.

I’d like an opinion from the python community regarding the naming compliance and ease of use of such a library.

Thanks to everyone and … long live python! :love_you_gesture:


Completion: I add some things that I didn’t add in the previous post.


Module that contains classes, interfaces and functions to build NOSQL python libraries.


The NOSQL API has been defined to encourage similarity between the Python modules that are used to access databases.


This library tries to propose and solve the differences between the existing libraries between the four types of NOSQL databases that exist, namely Key-Value, Column, Document and Graph databases. All types of databases are different but they have in common the four main operations (CRUD: Create - Read - Update - Delete).


The specifications are listed below:

  • One common package for generic NOSQL database containing interfaces, ORM types and utilities to make databases compatible with APIs.
  • One package for each of the four database types.

I hope to have some suggestions from the community to improve the above.

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