Python not working with xcode

I am on Xcode 15.2, and I am trying to run a .py program from within xcode. I followed the instructions shown here but, of course, nothing works, please find enclose a screenshot.

The output is not shown on console, if I write random characters in the .py file and build, I get ‘Build succeeded’ no matter what .

Any ideas ?


I did a quick web search and it seems like hard work to run a python script from xcode. One article simple said why bother?

You could just run the script in Terminal (or iTerm2).


It doesn’t look like there is a .py filename extension on the code files, so maybe XCode doesn’t know that the files are supposed to have Python code in them. Maybe it thinks you just wrote some plain text data files, so the “build succeeds” because there is nothing that needs building.