Python output Terminal

Thank you I will do better to follow the format. As for VS I will do more digging to understand the software. Do you just use Terminal?

If you’re asking “how do I paste in code and have it nicely formatted in
the forum?”, you want to surrond the code (or other output) with “code
fences”, lines of triple backticks (key at top left of my keyboard) like

your code
goes here

If you make the first line like this:

your code
goes here

you’ll get Python aware syntax highlighting as well.

There’s a </> button in the compose window toolbar for this. Copy your
code’s text, then press it.

Cameron Simpson

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It depends on what I’m doing. For the most part, I use:

… the Wing Personal version. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but it’s worth the time investment, because you get some very useful tools.

is VS code good to use?

Many people like it.

How can I have better understanding of all this? I really enjoyed just
this little bit. thank you thank you.

Hard to say. Usually following a tutorial provides some experience, and
that informs your understanding over time. But you can always come here
with specific questions which we will try to answer.

I’m looking at this path to become a data scientist, would wing python IDE be better than VS code or is that all Personal preference?

Like I say, I’ve not used VS, so I can’t compare, but yes, if all factors are equal, then it becomes a personal preference.

I’m not Rob, but yes, personally I just use the terminal (I use iterm2
instead of MacOS’ native Terminal app, but the situation is the same).
Normally I run 2 terminal windows side by side, with an editor on the
left and a shell on the right for running or checking code.

One of the advantages you can get with a tool like VSCode is that it has
many plugins available. In particular, you can use Jupyter inside it,
which is a popular playground app for data scientists for tinkering with

IDEs in general provide a bunch of features like lint checking and
symbol completion. In a terminal environment you’re providing that
yourself. OTOH, a terminal environment is more basic and has a more
direct feel to it.

thank you so much guys! very very helpful. I continue to look forward to this path and very glad that I found this site. I will look around to see what I can learn. Do you guys have any sites/tools that you found to be very useful on your own journey?

Hi Shawn! Welcome to programming. :slightly_smiling_face:

This isn’t specific to data science, but whenever I am learning a new programming language I find it hard to practice after finishing some tutorials, because there can be a big jump in difficulty between tutorials and larger programs. So I like to use programming “puzzles” like Advent of Code: About - Advent of Code 2022

These provide small, self-contained problems to write little programs for. The earlier problems for each year start out simple and gradually get harder- personally I’ve never finished a full year, I just start at the first one for some year and go until I’m not having fun anymore. :slightly_smiling_face: (Some people make it into a competition but I’ve never really been interested in that.)

It’s definitely not a substitute for a planned course or book, but it can be nice to have a way to practice once you get through the course.

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Sure. Here’s a few sites that I think you’d want to bookmark:

And, of course, keep coming back here to read the posts and learn from what other peeps have asked.

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