Python package not updating

it shows on the link,


pip install enhanced_dir==0.2.61

does not work, I have been waiting for around 2 hours, what could be going wrong?
the last version which works is 0.2.54, since then there is no update.

True, but it doesn’t show in the default view of both enhanced-dir · PyPI and Links for enhanced-dir.

Maybe some issue with the caches of PyPI.

has this caching issue happened in the past, is so, does this happen often.

update - it started working, the issue is solved.

Yes, it happens quite frequently from what I’ve observed (as someone
who maintains many second-order caches for a large CI/CD system and
sees the Fastly CDN for PyPI often return stale content to our
proxies, which we then end up caching and have to troubleshoot why
we’re supplying stale data to our jobs).

See the discussion in Packages randomly missing from simple index · Issue #10390 · pypa/warehouse · GitHub
for more details.