Python showing mistake

C:\Users\Isgen\venv\phyton\Scripts\python.exe “D:/python- master/HelloWorld/”
No Python at ‘C:\Users\Isgen\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python39\python.exe’

Process finished with exit code 103

What it means?

I think this belongs to another category (probably #users), since this is not related directly to the PSF. See About the Python Software Foundation category - Python Software Foundation - Discussions on for more details.

Welcome, @Farid . As @DiddiLeija mentioned, your post most certainly does not belong in the “Python Software Foundation” category, and is more appropriate as a “User” question instead (specifically “Help”), so I moved it there for you. Next time, please make sure to read the category descriptions before posting.

As for your issue, you haven’t provided very much information about problem that we could use to help you, but simply Googling what you provided, are you using PyCharm? Your problem sounds like this one, which results from not properly installing Python and ensuring it is on your path and reachable by Pycharm (in which case, if you’re a beginner, I highly recommend using a more appropriate IDE like IDLE or Spyder). Otherwise, you’ll need to install and appropriate version of Python, ensure it is on your $PATH and configure Pycharm to use it. For more help on that, I suggest reading the Pycharm docs or seeking out a more Pycharm-specific support forum.

If not, you’ll need to provide us a lot more information in order to be able to do more than blindly guess at your problem. How did you install Python? How are you attempting to use it? What did you do immediately prior to getting that error? What is the full error message/traceback you’re getting? What file are you trying to run? What happens if you just type python into your terminal?

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