Python write excel x axis not display all

HI ,
Do anyone have any idea why my x-axis will not display all the date in the x axis.

import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

# Read the Excel file into a pandas DataFrame
df = pd.read_excel('1.xlsx')

# Set the datettime column as the index
df.set_index('datetime', inplace=True)

# Plot a line graph

# Add x-label, y-label, and title to the plot
plt.title('DL Throughput vs Time')
# Display the plot


my excel file as below:


I went and search some people mention using below method, but after using below will cause all the time to squeeze together

plt.xticks(df['datetime'], rotation=90)

DO anyone know how to show like excel line chart?

What does an excel line chart look like?

Have you tried less than 90 degrees rotation?

excel convert graph look like this

How to convert just like excel?

Itry less than 90 look the same

Try plt.tight_layout().