Pythonnet function call to c# method with 2d List parameter fails

C# class

using System.Collections.Generic;
namespace List2dEx
    public class Test2dList
        public int MatrixTest(IList<IList<double>> matrix)
            return matrix.Count;
        public int VectorTest(IList<double> vector)
            return vector.Count;


import clr

import List2dEx
from System.Collections.Generic import List
from System import Double
from List2dEx import Test2dList

test = Test2dList()

val = List[Double]()
ret = test.VectorTest(val)

valList = List[List[Double]]()
ret = test.MatrixTest(valList)

List i.e method VectorTest works perfectly fine, but 2d list i.e method MatrixTest gives the error “No method matches given arguments for MatrixTest: (<class System.Collections.Generic.List[List[Double]]'>)”
When the Method signature is changed to List “public int MatrixTest(List<List> matrix)” then it works, but method signature cannot be changed.

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