PyUSB problem with HID & WinUSB

Dear Forum. Im using PyUSB for communicate with my WinUSB device (PC is the Host ),and all work good. I can read descriptors, get Endpoint ecc, and transfer message using the tipical EnpointXX.write(). All work good.
Im using : window 10
python 3.10
libusb-1.0.dll ( in the project directory and in

Now, I implemented in my device , both WinUSB than HID.
I can read correct the descriptors…They are correct as I aspect.
But when i use the Endpointxx .write( ) ,then a error goes out (same endpoint as before):
Entity not found

Looking at other forum, they suggest to downgrade to libusb0, but this not solved problem.

Thanks for the time.

Dear Forum.
I have no news from you.

I can say, that I try the same code on Linux, and It works. But, not on Window 10.
If some can help me ,I will thanks very much

Your question is probably too specific on the PyUSB library for this forum. It will probably be better to use their information sources and mailing list:

Thanks for your reply.
I will update you about the problem.