Question about json.loads()


I am trying to get the content to print as a python list. But it says json.loads(page) needs to be a string? When I use pythonlist = page.json() it works. Why is that? Should I never use json.loads() and always use .json()?

page = requests.get(“”)

pythonlist = json.loads(page)

What is the type of page? E.g. type(page).

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json() method of response, that is shipped with Requests library, does loading for you. If you don’t want to use this shortcut, you can do:

pythonlist = json.loads(page.content)

page is a response object that has other attributes than sole content.

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<class ‘requests.models.Response’>

Got you. That makes sense. Also I believe I can do:

pythonlist = json.loads(page.text)

Instead of page.content, page.text also works. Is there a reason I should use the one over the other?

No, actually page.text is better, as it does decoding for you: