Re-use of standard library across implementations

Thank you for positioning about this subject.

My plan is to use in Grumpy, propose it to be used on RustPython and look for others and their interest (Micropython and Transcrypt to start).

Micropython for example support only utf-8, is not extensible and have as a dummy. Having importable in this environment would fix some issues on their side.

In fact, I already started hacking a

Side question:

Is there a performance reason for this to be a tuple or I can replace with a bare old object to simplify some code? Assuming backwards compatibility and tests passing, of course.


That first part pretty much guarantees you shouldn’t change it without a really good reason. That doesn’t mean you can’t open an issue on to discuss changing it, though.

Right. I will keep the changes on the existing stuff as minimal, if any. Will mute about this for a while until I have a draft of

I can see this as an understanding of stdlib being intentionally useful for other Python implementations. And also as a hook to bring back the main question here, that I may had hijacked on the way :wink: :

Should we start creating suggestions on how it could work better than today?

More that we don’t want people submitting a backport for something they decided to do some weekend for fun. We are after in-use code that has been tested and is being relied upon already.