Read Array output from Oracle Stored Procedure

I am trying to read OUT Parameter from an Oracle Stored Procedure which is an array.

Oracle Stored Proc:

create or replace PROCEDURE PRC_LV_FASTREPORT_RPT (v_start_date IN DATE, v_end_date IN DATE,l_nt OUT LV_FASTREPORT_RPT_tab)

Python Call:

cur = conn.cursor()
args = (date_from.format(’%d-%b-%Y’),date_to.format(’%d-%b-%Y’), 0)
result_args = cur.callproc(‘PRC_LV_FASTREPORT_RPT’, args)

Error I get:

wrong number or types of arguments in call to ‘PRC_LV_FASTREPORT_RPT’

Can you please let me know if I am doing anything wrong?

Is it the right way to read an Array Output from Stored Proc?

Thank you,

  • VP

I guess that you’re using cx_Oracle, so your question is better suited for the cx_Oracle mailing:

Your procedure expects two data argument, but you’re passing strings. And to get an OUT parameter, you have to pass the appropriate variable to the call.

So, try again on the cx_Oracle mailing list. There are people there who can help you.