Recommend a visual Python interface development tool: PyMe

Hello, I would like to recommend a visual Python interface development tool: PyMe
the github link: GitHub - honghaier-game/PyMe: PyMe is a tool software to develop the Python User Interface for Python programmer.
If you want to develop software using Python, PyMe can help you.
It has a great process to help beginners build software. It likes the ide: “visual basic” or “delphi”,
You can build projects and drag controls in the visual design view. If you want to write logical code for controlling events, you can edit the event’s mapping function, and then you will see a code editor that has already been built. You just need to write the logic inside. If you don’t know how to write it, please right-click in the text and a pop-up menu will display the function list.
This is very easy. If you have completed the software, you can click “Run”. If there is no problem, click “Publish” to call the public dialog box, which includes “pyinstaller” and “nuitka” can convert python file to c ,then compile it to protect your source code . You just need to click on some settings boxes, wait, and you can see exe, and even apk file.
Believe me, because I have been working for this for 4 years. I think if you are a beginner, you will like it.

Welcome. As stated in the category description, the Editor/IDE Integration category is for discussion of Python integration issues in IDEs among maintainers of such, rather than promoting your own IDE. Therefore, I’ve moved your post to the Python Help category, where it is the least out of place and most likely to be seen by your target audience (beginners/learners, many of whom are playing around with Tkinter). Best of luck!

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Just as another tip, I found your title and post pretty hard to read and follow due to the grammar, spacing, punctuation and phrasing issues, even by someone with a high level of English proficiency. By contrast, the English text in your readme is well written and easy to read, so you might want to use some of that instead, or write (or proofread, etc) your text here the same way, to ensure your message gets across well. Cheers!

Thank you very much for your suggestions and actions.

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