Recommended text editor for reStructuredText

Hi, can anybody let me know what is the recommended text editor for reStructuredText, used for Python documentation? I just couldn’t goole for a definitive answer.

I am particularly interested in the feature, that it has to automatically insert line break at 80 characters width (style guide requirements), but then I assume it has to be able to to re-insert these line breaks at a new places, when text is updated.

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I don’t believe there is an official recommendation. I have used VS Code in the past for this and it works fine. The extension Rewrap helps for the line break requirement, but it doesn’t work automatically; you highlight text and use a keyboard shortcut to wrap it at a certain number of characters.

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PyCharm supports reStructuredText. For Thonny I did not find references about that.
I use Emacs for reStructured text (and Python). If you want “nice out of the box” experience, then VS Code or PyCharm might be better. Emacs is highly adjustable if there is something you want to change.

For Apple OS X (whatever) - there is editor “atom” with syntax highlightening mode.

For Linux (with windowmanager Gnome) - there is editor “gedit”.

It depends on window-manager, what is possible.

Vim has support for reST highlighting, and you can easily configure it to automatically break at 79 or 80 chars. It does have a steep learning curve, though.