Replace function in date class

Hi, noob question but why is the replace function not mentioned in the list of available methods in the docstring of the date class?


class date:
“”“Concrete date type.
repr, str
eq, le, lt, ge, gt, hash
add, radd, sub (add/radd only with timedelta arg)
isoweekday(), isocalendar(), isoformat()
Properties (readonly):
year, month, day

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It’s probably just an oversight.

I don’t think it is very helpful for the class docstring to waste space
merely listing all of its methods by name. You can get that information
from either dir or help.

Unless the docstring is made more useful, e.g. by adding doctests or
similar, I think that the list of methods should be removed. It is a
perfect example of how comments in code become out of date and

“It’s probably just an oversight. It is a perfect example of how comments in code become out of date and inaccurate.”

Yes, the reason why I posted the question here is to make sure that it is indeed a case of oversight and not because the function has already been documented somewhere else in the code.

The info in the docstring shows up in a pop up when I hover over a class or function in vscode. I don’t know from where vscode is pulling that information from but it can actually be quite useful for beginners like me.

I would also like to do my bit in helping to fix the docs whenever I come across minor issues like this. I just published my first project on github but I am not quite sure how to get started on contributing to an existing project. Could you give me some advice on it? Thanks.