Request "python" organisation on PyPI

One of the big announcements at PyCon US was organisation accounts on PyPI:

Organizations on PyPI are self-managed teams, with their own exclusive branded web addresses. Our goal is to make PyPI easier to use for large community projects, organizations, or companies who manage multiple sub-teams and multiple packages. We’re making organizations available to community projects for free, forever, and to corporate projects for a small fee.

Any objections to asking for the organisation, to use for the packages that are maintained under the GitHub organisation?

This should make things easier for us to maintain, in addition to giving us the umbrella /org/python/ URL.

Some example candidates:


We should do this, but we need to not blindly put things in it on a whim because they exist elsewhere under that label. Our github organization has things in it that don’t belong there and only live there for historical reasons. We should be as narrow as our latest steering council decided New `python` organization repository policy policy or even narrower when adding things to a PyPI org.


Sounds good, I’ll ask the steering council for a policy. Like the python org repo policy, it could include requiring 2FA.

(2FA will be required for every account that maintains any project or organization on PyPI” by the end of the year, but why wait?)