[REQUEST] updating sqlite3 to latest version

Hi guys, I just registered to this community as I have a request.

I really don’t want to come over mean or anything, but could you guys update sqlite3 to its very latest version and maybe do this in the future automatically or at least semi-automatically?

I run my docker images on your docker python:3-alpine image. And when I check it, I still have the sqlite3 version 3.38.5. This is by no means old… but for a dockerized installation also not the very newest if you get what I mean.

When I develop something I would love to be able to start with the very brand newest versions, so that when I finish it is not old already.

I would really appreciate if you guys could:

  1. update the dependencies way more often
  2. provide a special tag for these brand new images which are coming with everything on its newest version
  3. If you alternatively could provide a tutorial, what the recommended way is to update it on our own, so you don’t have to do it, but instead I can run that command/script in my Dockerfile.

Much love and I really appreciate your work!
Thanks in advance!

Does python.org publish this?
I would start by contacting the person that published the docker image.
Also if the image is based on alpine linux then check which SQLite version they provide.

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AFAIK, python.org does not provide any Docker images.

You’d have to ask the people who provide the containers you use. It should be no problem for the Alpine Linux folks to bundle a more recent SQLite version.

As for the official python.org binaries, we only provide Windows and macOS binaries. We normally update those two builds for each SQLite minor release, as soon as those have stabilised. Linux builds are provided by the distros; they are out of our control.

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Thanks mate! Do you know, who I would have to reach out to?
Thanks in advance!

No idea :slight_smile:

On docker hub there is a username against the container, see if you can contact that user,