Requirements for hosting a PyCon in a specific country

Hello PSF. So I’m sort of a python community lead in my country (Uganda), and one of the things I’ve been asked oftenly is if we could host a local PyCon here dubbed PyConUG. I was inquiring what is needed or required from the PSF to host such an event? Are there certain standards we need to comply with and the like? If this information is located somewhere on the PSF website, perhaps you could guide me to it, or if not, please enlighten me on what to do.
Thank you.

Hi Tobias,

we do have a couple of requirements for using the name “PyCon” with a conference. Please see our PSF PyCon Trademark Usage Policy and the PSF Trademark Frequently Asked Questions | Python Software Foundation for details.

In summary, the conference needs to:

  • focus on Python the programming language,
  • have a code of conduct, and
  • allow anyone to attend the conference subject to a reasonable conference fee.

We also try to make sure that ideally there is only one “PyCon” conference per country and that a community team is organizing it. If there are multiple teams, we try to have them join forces to make the event happen.

Regarding a conference logo, please also see our FAQ for details in case you want to use the Python logo as basis for the conference logo.

The PSF can also offer using a subdomain on, e.g. in your case. For this, we would need a CNAME entry to use for the subdomain.

For most of these items, please get in touch with the trademarks committee (, which I am chairing together with @DavidMertz.


Thanks Marc-André,
this has been really helpful. Again, I’m requesting for another clarification if I may. Due to a few hiccups here, we might not plan for PyConUG this year, probably we’ll hold one next year. However, we still would love to hold a mini python one-day event here locally that we’re dubbing as PyFest. We’d appreciate help from the PSF to make this happen. So what I wanted to know is, Is there a way to formalize this request? Whom would I submit the request to if possible? Would this in a way conflict with some principles laid down by PSF in terms of events organization that we don’t know about? That’s mainly all I was requesting for. Any added information would be valuable as well.
Thanks again.

From my experience a Python community can organize an event like what you are calling PyFest anytime, PSF doesn’t have to be involved. However, you can submit your event to be featured here:

To do that, send an email to

You can also submit a grants request, see details here:

As I have discussed with you in private, it will be good to discuss with Mark and Edison the co-leads of Python Kampala, they will brief you of some contextual details about how they organized previous Python events in Uganda.

I hope this is a good start, good luck!

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The PSF owns the “PyCon” trademark and protects this by requiring a
small number of things to be put in place.

For other event names, the PSF is not involved, e.g. “PyFest”, “PyWeek”,
“PyCamp” (but there may be other TM holders to check). However, the PSF
can help promote the event and give grants to ease finances. Joannah
already pointed to the two resources we have:

  • the events calendars
  • the grants program

Submitting an event to the calendars team is pretty straight forward.
Please see the instructions on this page:
for details.

The grants program has some more requirements, listed on the grants page.

If you’re looking for some guide on how to run events, you can have a
look at this older guide we have in the wiki:

It’s a good idea to start with a smaller event before going for a larger
national one. You will be able to learn a lot about how the organization
works, the challenges you will be facing and how to manage them. Each
country is a little different in this respect, and those details are
important to get right before heading for a larger event size.