Rotating proxies for google_play_scraper library

I am trying to scrape reviews from google play store using the gooogle_play_scraper library. When trying to retrieve reviews for multiple apps, server blocks the server communication to the play store and giving warning about bot action. To avoid this I am looking for options to use rotating proxies. But I don’t know how to use it along with the ‘reviews_all’ function of the google_play_scraper library. I would like to use a proxy IP address with the below code: reviews_all(“com.sightsound”, sleep_milliseconds=500, lang=‘en’, country=“US”, sort=Sort.NEWEST)

So basically, you’re getting told by the server that you’re a bot, because you are a bot, and you want to pretend that you’re not a bot. My recommendation? Don’t do that.

Google has an extensive set of APIs available. Not only are they way easier to use than scraping, they’re also, yaknow, legit. You’re not violating Google’s TOS by doing it and you won’t be blocked for bot-like behaviour.


Are any of those APIs free?

Probably? I don’t know. That’s for you to figure out.

Thanks for the help!