RSVP: 2022 Core Dev Sprint, Oct 3-7, Sunnyvale CA USA

Just a reminder, any CPython committers wanting to attend the 2022 Core Dev Sprint, October 3-7 in Sunnyvale, California hosted by Google, please fill out if you have not already.

The PSF has funds to cover travel+hotel costs for anyone who needs that in order to attend. The date is rapidly approaching, international flights are best booked this week before prices really start to go up.

If you can’t attend in-person but expect to be online and focusing on CPython as a virtual sprint, feel free to indicate that in the form as well.

I am sharing the full sprint venue details, PSF funding info, suggested hotels, & more doc with those who indicate in-person attendance via the form.

(re-posting as a fresh post in case anyone hasn’t already seen the earlier announcement email to python-committers@ and same link in the followup to our the earlier core dev sprint thread here on discuss.)