RSVP: CPython core dev sprint

Hi everyone,

I am helping to co-organize together with the PSF the CPython core developer sprint that will take place in London from the 9th to the 13th of September.

If you want to attend the core developer sprint, please, self nominate yourself by filling this form:

You need to fill the form even if you don’t need PSF support for the travel and accommodation so we can successfully prepare for adequate meeting space and catering. After we have received all responses, @ewa.jodlowska will reach out to you individually with additional information for booking rooms and getting travel reimbursed if you requested it.

Please, fill the form before June 14th.

Here you can find some information regarding the venue:

3 Queen Victoria St
Google Maps:

The support for travelling and the accommodation will be provided by the PSF and the money raised by Pylondinium (

If you have any questions, requirements or suggestions or you need any support, please, contact me ( or @ewa.jodlowska (

Thank you very much and I hope to see you in London!


Also, thank you @ewa.jodlowska for all the help and work organizing this!! :snake::heart::snake:


Just a reminder everyone:

June 14th is the deadline to respond to Pablo’s RSVP form. For those needing assistance with hotel, be sure to fill out the form by the deadline otherwise we may not book enough hotel rooms.