Running code using IDLE

I followed the steps in the link below to start IDLE and write a code and then try to run it. I wrote the code and as per the instructions below, I need to press F5 to run it, but when I press F5 nothing happened. How can I run a code from IDLE? Thank you very much,

There is no “link below”, and also it would be useful to see the code you tried.

Sorry for that. The link is this

The file has 2 lines of code

Selecting Run on the top menu and then Run Module, or hitting the hotkey F5 is the way to run code in an IDLE editor. I have not heard of the latter failing before. Some debugging questions:

  1. What operating system do you have?
  2. How did you install Python?
  3. How do you start IDLE? What do you first see?
  4. If the editor, have you saved the file so it is no longer called 'untitled`?
  5. Have you tried the Run menu? If you click Run, do you see Run Module F5? Or has the hotkey changed?

Did you remember to save the file first?

Are you able to use the Shell window for interactive code?