Sans-I/O implementation of PEP 503: simple repository API

My friend @d3r3kk and I have just published a new package called mousebender (named after the customer from the Cheeseshop skit). The overall goal of the project is to figure out where there are gaps in package support for various packaging standards and experiment with filling them in (I’ve discussed this before in “Figuring out what is missing from dedicated packages for supporting downloading and installing a wheel from PyPI”). The hope is to eventually have a simple pip “competitor” that acts as a proof-of-concept to validate that we have package/library support as necessary for the packaging ecosystem.

To start, we have written a sans-I/O parser for PEP 503: simple repository API (which probably doesn’t surprise everyone based on “Potential inconsistency w/ PEP 503 (Simple Repo API)”). We don’t know what we will do next, but we didn’t want to wait until we had an end-to-end scenario either, so here we are. :grin:


Suggestion: Implement a dependency resolver :wink:

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Uh, no. :wink: I thought @pradyunsg was getting paid to fix that particular hole? :grin:

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