Saying Hello and asking some questions


I have no experience coding, and I’m looking into Python because I’m interested in a lot of the projects I’ve found on Github (and I gather that Python is one of the main languages used in a lot of the ML and computer vision projects I want to play with). I’m in way over my head. :slight_smile: I know there are a ton of learning resources available, but I wanted to get some human guidance first. If you were an absolute beginner (I’m computer literate but new to code) and wanted to implement code like this:

Etc (2 link limit)

Where would you start your learning journey?

I’ll be honest, my ambition isn’t to code - it’s to create projects. So I’d like for my learning to be directed toward my goals. Obviously I’m not going to find a free online course called “Hey you’re in luck, here’s how you set up SMPLer-X on a Windows machine!” But I would love any advice on how I can direct my learning so it’s as directly applicable to my goals as is feasible. These github pages aren’t written for people who don’t know how to code.

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