Scratch assay analysis


I am new to python and this discussion group. Could you tell me how can I get help on some image analysis?


That will depend on what kind of help you are looking for.

Are you trying to understand the underlying theory?

Looking for tools or libraries to help with writing the code?

Have a specific image you’re trying to analyze in a specific way?

Something else?

I have a series of images representing a scratch assay (in this assay one can monitor/measure cellular motility by analysing how fast cells fill and empty space.

I am using a code written by Sreenivas Bhattiprolu, who has posted a tutorial at I could not find his contact information so far

Briefly, the code allows to measure the cell-free area over time. Based on the binary images I can generate the code works OK. However, instead of getting decreasing values for the cell-free area (expected given that cells will move to fill the empty space), I get a mix of values higher or lower than the initial value (time zero in this experiments).

Hence, is is possible to upload the code and the images to make all available to you or anyone in the python community who can help?

Hi, you can easily find him on the platform-formerly-known-as-Twitter:
(and also on LinkedIn). For this kind of question it may be best to contact the developer of the code directly - unless you have specific questions relating to the Python code itself (relating to the Python language or general code structure rather than to ML/image classification).