Sending self whatsapp texts from python

Hello there… We’d like to share a home lab project with the community.
It is basically a whatsapp gateway that started for home automation notifications.
We’ve opened that to the Node-Red community and gateway seems to be scaling up just fine.
If anyone here wants to give it a go, pls check the basic .py example on the repo.

It quite straight forward as it is a simple https post request.
While we’ve tried to keep it secure, we recommend not to use it for confidential stuff.
You could use it to, eg, send you a text once a process finishes or when raising an error.
Up to you, we could not care less about anyone’s texts so our gateway will just forward them.

You can only send texts to yourself (from our number). We don’t want this to become a spamming platform and get it banned.

What’s in it for us? nothing really; just fun. We’d only like to hear some feedback. No service levels committed or anything… use it while it works if you fancy it. Or do not, or create your own gateway… up to you!

Check first the raw file to understand how it works and then look at to the super simple .py file.

Enjoy, share, and provide feedback!