September 2022 Steering Council update

Below is the Steering Council update for September.
The one for October is coming soon!

As reminder, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us or open an issue in the SC repo: GitHub - python/steering-council: Communications from the Steering Council. And the README there links to all the updates.


There was no meeting. Too many people were on vacation.


  • The Steering Council and the Developer-in-Residence discussed the recent security releases, the Miss Islington bot, and the upcoming PyPy/HPy sprint.
  • The SC discussed the upcoming Core Dev Sprint and what topics to bring up there to discuss with the Core Developers.
  • The SC reviewed PEP 669 and prepared some comments and questions.
  • The SC discussed non-identifier keyword arguments, and prepared a response.


  • The SC discussed backwards-incompatible changes done in 3.11, and possible issues with Backwards Compatibility Policy (PEP 387):
    • people need to be more aware of it
    • it’s not clear that a change breaks backwards compatibility, which is a problem if more changes are added on top
  • The SC decided to have a conversation about backwards compatibility at the Core Dev Sprint, to get a better feel for how core devs thank about it.
  • The SC discussed release blockers for 3.11, and decided that fixes for the current issues can be postponed to 3.11.1.
  • The SC agreed on a date for a meeting with Meta ( as a PSF Visionary sponsor benefit.
  • The SC discussed current blockers on updating the policy for the python organization on GitHub.
  • The SC discussed Non-identifier keys in ** arguments and elsewhere, and decided to allow them. Related details will be discussed community-wide, rather than in the SC. [See the later Discourse topic.]
  • The SC discussed PEP 692 – using TypedDict for more precise **kwargs typing.


  • The SC met with Łukasz (the Developer in Residence) to discuss the
    PyPy/HPy/GraalPy sprint, which Łukasz attended, the relationship between HPy and CPython, and the possible futures of the C API.
  • The SC met with Deb (the PSF Executive Director) to discuss details regarding the core dev sprint.
  • The SC discussed bugs involving incomplete frames, like gh-96975 and gh-97002, and agreed with Pablo (Release Manager) that while it’s a serious issue, it’s not enough to block the 3.11.0 release.