Showing an error , TypeError: Updater.__init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'token'. How to solve it

Could you please help me solve it.

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  • For us to help you, we need to know what Updater is, otherwise we can just tell you again what the error messages is already telling you: Updater(...) expects different arguments from what you are passing to it.

I agree with @MegaIng. But my first guess would be to try the token argument in lowercase. It’s more conventional in python to have function arguments in lowercase rather than in all caps.


I referenced the documentation for the issue that you reported from this website:

If you notice, in the object class, they use lower case token - not upper case TOKEN.

Being that the error that was generated specifically references TOKEN, could this be your issue?

I tried lower case also and still the issue is not solved.

What’s the error message this time?

still showing the same error. got an unexpected key arguement ‘token’