Slides from my talk on our governance situation

In case anyone is interested, my slides for a talk I will be giving in Seattle on Wednesday, Dec 05 and based on my slides from my PyCon CA talk (which doesn’t have a recording online yet) about our governance situation are available:!AuLa5uNMb8nshQ6fNvcOWjXezKcF

The slides mostly focus on the PEP decision process as I think that’s what most people are interested in (e.g. core dev selection processes are not really something most people outside of us care about :wink: ). Anyway, I figured I would share in case anyone would find it useful.


The link seem to be broken to me for the last … few minutes

The link worked for me, though it bounced me straight into my phone app, so perhaps that’s the difference.

Great summary! I notice there’s no slide about “which way people are leaning” or “how should outsiders expect to interact with CPython in future”, which seem like the more interesting things you could’ve had. (I’d love to have a sense of which way people are leaning :wink: ) Did you talk about those or did you end as abruptly as the slides suggest?

:sweat_smile: turns out it was problem with my account. It was frozen due to inactivity… :stuck_out_tongue:

The link works now.

I think you have seen me talk enough to know I add commentary to all of my slides. :wink: For my talks, slides are my presenter notes and to help remind people what I have been talking about for the past couple of minutes.

And I still don’t know how people are leaning overall, so I don’t have a good answer to that one (Nathaniel’s poll was was too under-voted to know and otherwise I can only go based on discussions which have been between a consistent, small group of people). Plus I obviously have my own views which could be introducing bias.