Socketserver class versus http requests

I’m writing a web server that establishes asynchronous connections and handles http requests of type TCP. For this I’m following the documentation. Below is the example of the implementation but I can’t send the HTTP request response to the client’s browser ?

# Module Name : socketserver ->
from socketserver import BaseRequestHandler, ThreadingTCPServer

# Class Objective :
class HTTPTCPIPv4(BaseRequestHandler):

    # Method Objective :
    def handle(self):

        return [bytes("Welcome").encode("utf-8")]

if __name__ == "__main__":
    HOST, PORT = "", 8080

    # Create the asynchronous server, binding to localhost on port 8080
    with ThreadingTCPServer((HOST, PORT), HTTPTCPIPv4) as server:
        print("Server : Action v0.0.1, running address,")
        print("cancel program with Ctrl-C")