Speaker Diarization

How to import the Pipeline package in pycharm for speaker diarization? I am trying to import it but it is not importing.

No error message??

here is the error message: 'Cannot find reference ‘Pipeline’ in ‘init.py’

Okay; that may help OPs when they come on-line.

Have you seen/read this?

It may or may not be of help, but worth a punt, right?

yes I did look through it but it doesn’t help me with my error

Oh, okay.

Emm… you’re welcome, btw.

Ok but do you know anything about speaker diarization, like any other packages I can use besides pyannote?

This might be a PyCharm bug.

But it is hard to tell because I am guessing what you did and what exact error you got.

Some things you might want to check:

  1. How did you install the package? How do you know it was successful?
  2. What is the exact line of code you are using to import Pipeline?
  3. Does that line of code work if you use the regular Python interpreter instead of PyCharm?
  4. If you change the way you import Pipeline, does it work?

For example, if this fails:

from pyannote.audio import Pipeline

but this succeeds:

import pyannote.audio
Pipeline = pyannote.audio.Pipeline

that tells us it probably is a problem with PyCharm.