Spyder 4.2/5.1.5 issues

I have been using Spyder 4.2 for roughly a year without issue. Upon opening and coding for roughly 15 minutes today the Application started freezing mid program constantly. Restarting the kernal unfreezes it, then upon running code same issue. Starts freezing. I uninstalled and reinstalled a newer version. 5.1.5 . Same issue. I get no tracebacks upon hitting the stop button when it freezes and no internal error messages now. Although I did get some internal messages on version 4.2 before uninstalling. I really would like to continue using Spyder going forward but I also don’t want to be waiting on troubleshooting help for an extended time. So if anyone has any suggestions on other IDE’s please let me know that also.

  • Spyder version: * Spyder version: 5.1.5
  • Python version: 3.9.7 64-bit
  • Qt version: 5.9.7
  • PyQt5 version: 5.9.2
  • Operating System: Windows 10

Those Error messages showed this when opening the “Show Details” on Spyder 4.2

ite-packages\spyder\plugins\ipythonconsole\widgets\debugging.py", line 278, in _handle_input_request
return super(DebuggingWidget, self)._handle_input_request(msg)
File “C:\Users\xxxxx\anaconda3\lib\site-packages\qtconsole\frontend_widget.py”, line 512, in _handle_input_request
self._readline(msg[‘content’][‘prompt’], callback=callback, password=msg[‘content’][‘password’])
File “C:\Users\xxxxx\anaconda3\lib\site-packages\qtconsole\console_widget.py”, line 2422, in _readline
self._show_prompt(prompt, newline=False, separator=False)
TypeError: _show_prompt() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘separator’

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

Hey, so this is a forum for the Python language. For Spyder issues, we’ll be able to provide you better if you could report the issue on our issue tracker, either using the built-in reporting feature or manually providing all the detailed requested by the template. Furthermore, as also advised by our error dialog, please search the error message on our issue tracker and/or your favorite search engine before reporting, as you’ll be able to get much quicker help.

In this case, as the first few hits on both point to, the issue is spyder-ide/spyder#17616 and has already been fixed in Spyder 5.3.0, which we released some time ago. However, Anaconda still has not updated their version to it (their latest being 5.1.5), which we have no control over.

For an up to date, fully supported and tested version of Spyder, you can either install it from Conda-Forge in a fresh Anaconda environment, or from our standalone Windows installer, as Carlos describes in his comment there. It will still work with all your existing environments, provided you update the version of spyder-kernels in them to 2.3.0 or later (which you may need to install from the conda-forge channel as well, if Anaconda is still not up to date).

Okay thanks, I appreciate your response! I wouldn’t go as far as to say that this issue is fixed for, but I have found myself with a usable version of Spyder and Anaconda in that, I can open the program through the Anaconda launcher using Spyder 5.1.5 and Python 3.9.7 and code effectively. (The cmd console has to be open when using Spyder this way and I am definitely not a fan of that. At least it works though.)

As far as the conda forge environment goes, input print statements are jumbled beyond being able to be used for me, although it no longer throws an internal error. (Using 5.3.0, Python 3.10 in conda-forge environment downloaded using instructions from Github.)

As far as the standalone install, I may give it a try. I didn’t based on the answer to my question on Github posted below. Also answered by Carlos.

Spyder issue 4.2/5.1.5 · Issue #17769 · spyder-ide/spyder (github.com)

Are there any other options such as Spyder being installed as a standalone without Anaconda that would work to help with this?

No, there aren’t, sorry. This bug was introduced when trying to fix another bug reported for years about the input statement introducing spurious blanks lines.

As you can see on the issue Carlos linked, there is another option: downgrade QtConsole to 5.2.x until the bug is resolved. I.e. if you are running Spyder from a Conda environment, with the environment in which you have installed Spyder activated, you could run e.g. the following:

conda install -c conda-forge qtconsole=5.2

Okay, thanks again! I’ll probably wait until Anaconda catches up, delete everything/ reinstall when Anaconda gets everything updated to fix the issue with the cmd prompt needing to be open because I really don’t know what could have brought that about. I am just glad I can use Spyder again! It looks like I’m using QtConsole 5.1.1 with Spyder Kernal 2.1.3 on my base environment. I am still new to the intricacies of the IDE’s dependencies and workings as well as appropriate PATH and such so it’s much appreciated!

You shouldn’t need to take such an extreme and drastic step; just conda update spyder should be enough, unless you’ve borked your environment.