Spyder configuration challenges

I’m very new to Spyder. I’ve coded in many different languages and platforms before, and Python is new to me too. I’m trying to get Spyder to import a package called psycopg2 and it keeps telling me Module Not Found. I can browse to psycopg2 and find the local directory for it, but apparently Spyder cannot. I’ve tried using the PythonPath manager with no success. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Tim,

I thought I had posted a reply to this previously, but now I can’t see

it, so maybe I imagined it :slight_smile:

How did you install psycopg2?

You say you can browse to the local directory for that library, what is

the full path of the local directory?

Does that path appear in sys.path?

If you run Python without Spyder, can you import the library?

Please copy and paste the full error message when you trying importing

the library, starting with the “Traceback” line.

Depending how you installed Python and Spyder, it’s possible you have multiple Python interpreters installed. Maybe check the Spyder configuration to make sure it’s using the Python you installed psycopg2 in.

Hi Steven,
Yes, you did already reply, but it was in a different thread in which my post did not belong. Thanks for your ideas! Based on the recommendation from a coworker Python SME, I’m using VS Code as my IDE. I’ve been able to run Python programs now to connect to our database. Thanks for your assistance!

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