Ssh module for Python-3.11.5


I am trying to build ssh module(like paramiko) for Python-3.11.5, but I find many dependencies among modules, for ex: paramiko requires crypto module which requires a rust compiler, ssh-python requires kerberos, and so on. Is there any pure python package for ssh with no dependency. Any help would be appreciated.


You did not say which OS you are targeting. On linux/bsd these deps can be installed from OS packages.

Are you on windows?

The cryptography library is hard to replace as any replacement will need to reach the same level of security review.

Why can’t you use cryptography from PyPI?

I am on linux. I was just looking for a light weight ssh package with minimal functionality(send and receive would cover most of my cases) and no dependencies on other packages. Thank you Barry, I will go with the default packages available.

The minimal ssh send/recv will use all the crypto deps.