stable diffusion keeps pointing to the wrong version of python

I installed stable diffusion, GitHub, and python 3.10.6 etc

the problem I am having is

when I run


it refers to another version of Python I have. At the top when it initiated the bat file in the cmd prompt:

Creating venv in directory C:\Users\shail\stable-diffusion-webui\venv using python "C:\Program Files\Python37\python.exe

can I modify the bat file to refer to Python 3.10.6? which is located in the directory


IIRC there is a user bat file that sets PYTHON. Change it to the python you want then delete the venv directory.

Could we see the current .bat file?

How is your PATH set currently?

Just to make sure, there isn’t a venv already active when you run the bat file, is there?


Had to modift path of pthon in bat file

For some reason adding a / at the end was screwing thing up

That makes sense actually. The slash typically denotes it being a directory instead of a file. Removing it goes back to file, which would work.