Standalone aplication

Hello dear coders, i was searching way to print in console CPU temperature and i found code i put bellow. The problem is, this code works only when i have in my PC OpenHardwareMonitor program.
So in my opinion this code just takes information from this program. When i make standalone EXE. with Pyinstaller from this script and run it on second computer without open hardwaremonitor it is not working.

PLEASE GUYS IS THERE ANY SOLUTION TO RUN THIS CODE ON EVERY MACHINE ? HOW TO ADD OpenHardwareMonitor to dependencies or is there any other way to make this working alone ? Thank you.

import wmi
w = wmi.WMI(namespace="root\OpenHardwareMonitor")
temperature_infos = w.Sensor()
for sensor in temperature_infos:
if sensor.Name=='CPU Core':