Status of PEP 703 Making the Global Interpreter Lock Optional in CPython): is it accepted or a draft?


At the end of July, the Steering Council announced their intent to accept PEP 703 (Making the Global Interpreter Lock Optional in CPython). Ok, but so what, is the PEP accepted or not?

Multiple PEP 703 already landed in the main branch, and more are coming. Would it be possible to clarify the PEP status? Maybe accept it and add a section to explain the complicated status?

cc @steering-council @colesbury @ambv



The status is still that the SC will accept it, but we’re ironing out the exact acceptance text (we want to clarify a lot of our decisions). None of the things we’ll be saying should be a surprise to anyone working on PEP 703, and we hope to get it done real soon now.