Steering Council nomination: Benjamin Peterson


(Benjamin Peterson) #1

I’m nominating myself for the steering council after several people kindly privately urged me to run.

About me

I’ve been a core CPython developer for almost 11 years. At this point, there aren’t many parts of CPython that I haven’t touched (and broken). I was the 3.1 release manager and am still the 2.7 release manager. I’ve also contributed to PyPy. My métier is gory implementation details rather than flashy language changes, so I can’t claim credit for any recent cool PEPs. That said, work at my day job on build systems and reproducibility led me to write and implement PEP 552. I was the BDFL delegate for PEP 442 and PEP 546. Outside of the core language, I wrote six, which is a transitive dependency of something like 70% of PyPI.


I currently sit across from @guido at Dropbox.

On steering

I summarize PEP 13’s mandates as “project stewardship”. I don’t believe it’s the role of the committee to promulgate visions. The committee may be asked to balance visions against boring old stability, but it shouldn’t be pulling too hard in either direction.

I expect the first council will establish governance conventions that are respected in the future. Consequently, it’s important that the inaugural members follow a policy of level-headed moderation.

(Antoine Pitrou) #2

I’m happy that we have a bunch of nice candidates to choose from now :wink: Thanks @benjamin.