Steering Council nomination: Carol Willing (2021 term)

After much reflection, I am self-nominating to serve on the 2021 edition of the Python Steering Council.

I have been honored to serve on the inaugural and 2020 Python Steering Council. I was committed to a successful transition of Guido’s retirement of BDFL to a new governance structure. I’m very pleased that Python had a relatively smooth change to a new governance model. I thank everyone for their support and efforts to collectively make this a success.

Were the efforts of the past two Steering Councils perfect? Of course not, we’re all volunteers who are human. As such we bring a variety of different experiences and perspectives to the table. I’ve served on a number of boards/councils over the years, and I can honestly say that the past two Steering Councils have worked well together. We’ve challenged each other, listened to the community whether or not we were in agreement with the positions, and worked together to develop solutions that were optimal given our resources.

One thing that we have put above all else was the health and future sustainability of the Python language. At times, this has resulted in making difficult calls on the Code of Conduct issues. I fully stand behind those decisions that we made after great deliberation and we put the health of the community above all else. For those that disagree with our actions, I encourage you to spend time walking in the shoes of those who are not in a majority demographic. As a community, we have made strides forward, but there is still work to be done to be inclusive.

If there are folks on the fence about whether to self-nominate, I strongly encourage you to do so.

As for my priorities for the next term, I would continue to put my focus on the sustainability and health of the language and its core development community. I will also continue to focus on launching the documentation workgroup. A strong focus of mine will be to continue to advocate for computational science and its needs for Python which include performance.




Dear Carol,

I am very happy to see you stand for re-election for the Council and I would love to see you serve on the Council for another term.

During these past few months, there were two things that I noticed. Your feedback to our work on the PEP was always very constructive and solution-oriented: your guiding questions seem to have been “how could we improve this” rather than a “what I do not like about it”.

More importantly, though, I found you to be very welcoming and as a newcomer to the Python community I really appreciate all those ‘small’ gestures of yours towards an open and including atmosphere, such as during the live discussion in a video meeting.

In short, my impression of you is one of oustanding dedication to Python and its wider community and I would thus like to close with a warm: thank you!

Kind regards,


Dear Tobias, Thanks for the kind words and the warm thank you. It’s been my pleasure working with you. :smiley:

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