Steering Council nomination: Carol Willing

Carol Willing

Nominated by: self after encouragement by Nick, Christian, Brett, Guido, Nathaniel, and Ewa Jodlowska

I’m so pleased with the gracious, thoughtful work by many to formalize a new
governance for Python. A huge thank you to all who listened, shared, and
compromised to help us move into 2019 with a new governance model selected.

I would be honored to serve on the Steering Council. I would be equally
honored to share my experience with governance, negotiation, and communication
with the inaugural Steering Council as a member of any future Council
advisory groups focused on:

  • Working with the PSF to fund resources or support the core team’s projects
  • Communicating the core team’s goals for releases and processes to the PSF and the larger Python community
  • Working to improve core development processes to best support core development
  • Balancing stability, maintainability, and quality of CPython with critical needs of Python’s various user communities
  • Formalizing methods for the Scientific Python and Education communities to work closer with the core team to identify and refine language needs


I am self-employed using Python and Jupyter for research projects and
education. I am a Project Jupyter Steering Council member.

Online Presence


Adding in my own rationale for why I offered to nominate Carol for the Steering Council election if she wasn’t already planning to self-nominate:

I first met Carol through the Python core mentorship mailing list, and subsequently had the privilege of working with her on the 2015-16 PSF Board as we worked to support the ongoing improvements to the governance and internal administration of the Foundation. We’ve subsequently continued to work together on the CPython core development guide.

Throughout that time I’ve found Carol’s advice to be incredibly valuable and insightful, and I think it’s precisely the kind of experienced perspective we should be looking for on the inaugural Steering Council.

Outside of core development itself, I think Carol’s role on the Project Jupyter Steering Council offers both a beneficial link to the Scientific Python development and user communities, as well as concrete, practical experience with the kind of council-based governance model that we’ve chosen to adopt.