Steering Council Nomination: Donald Stufft


(Donald Stufft) #1

Nominated By

Myself, Brett Cannon, Guido

Online Presence

About Me

I’ve spent almost the entirety of my programming life working with Python, and relatively quickly got involved in the packaging toolchain where I saw a sort of gridlock had formed making most changes untennable (because if anyone disagreed, then a change couldn’t be made). Through that time period, I was one of the main people involved in setting up processes and decision making tools that allowed the gridlock to be broken and forward progress to be made.

Outside of the packaging realm, I’ve been a major agitator for change within Python itself advocating for modernization of procesess wherever we could, promoting the use of GitHub and Discourse.

From the perspective of the Council’s Mandate

  • Maintain the quality and stability of the Python language and CPython interpreter
    • Core Developer of CPython for ~5 years.
  • Make contributing as accessible, inclusive, and sustainable as possible
    • Wrote PEP 481, which was the prelude to the eventual PEP 512 that migrated CPython code hosting to GitHub enabling easier contribution for a wider array of people.
    • Originally agitated for Discourse during the “Overload Sig” phase of attempting to find something better than mailing lists.
  • Formalize and maintain the relationship between the core team and the PSF
    • Member of the PyPA, Packaging WG, and Python Infrastructure team that has already had to start dealing with the formalization of relationships between the PSF and project development teams.
  • Establish appropriate decision-making processes for PEPs.
    • Helped Co-Write PEP 8016, the eventual chosen governance model for Python development.
    • Strong proponent of adjusting the voting system to ensure that the final vote better reflected the will of the majority.
    • Have written or contributed to a number of PEPs.
  • Seek consensus among contributors and the core team before acting in a formal capacity
    • Have acted in a similiar role with as the BDFL-Delegate for PyPI related matters.
    • Lead or Major Core Developer for Warehouse (PyPI), pip, and virtualenv where attempting to come to consensus based decisions is largely how those projects are run (in many cases, there is no court of final appeal, if no consensus is reached then the status quo remains).
    • Major influencing voice in bring many packaging PEPs to a final consensus.
  • Act as a “court of final appeal” for decisions where all other methods have failed.
    • As the lead for PyPI as well as the BDFL-Delegate for PyPI, I have had to step in and make these decisions as they’ve come up and a consensus was unable to be found.

External Factors

  • I am a Software Development Engineer for Amazon Web Services, working on the Python SDK team. My day job involves developing and maintaining the SDKs and CLIs used by Python developers to interact with the AWS Cloud.
  • AWS allots me 40% of my time (~2 days a week) to work on PyPI, pip, and the general packaging ecosystem.
  • I do not believe there will ever be a conflict of interest between AWS and Python, AWS has been very supportive of my role in Open Source.