Steering Council nomination: Dong-hee Na (2022 term)


Python is now one of the worldwide used languages. And now we meet important timelines that can decide the future of Python for the next 10 years.

So I would like to support the following agenda.

First, supporting the Faster-CPython Project: This project is the most important thing for this season. I would like to support project members with what they need.

Second, supporting CPython’s multi-core related projects: The demand for multicore exploitation of Python has been around for many years. And we recently saw possibilities with Sam’s no-gil project and Eric Snow’s sub-interpreter project. I want to support the decision to support these projects, and I also want to resolve conflicts between projects.

Third, Clearer definition of platform support, We don’t have clear definitions on which platforms Python is supporting. This part creates uncertainty in decision-making when applying new technologies. (e.g. mimalloc) Like Rust, I want to make clear on which platforms to support and to help Core Developers make technical decisions.

Lastly, Supporting the Developer in Residence program, Although the program started operating relatively recently, it is yielding far better results than we expected. We would like to support this program to make it more stable.

My Contribution to Python

  • I’ve been a core developer since 2020.
  • 186 commits to CPython
  • I am the maintainer of the pyperf project and I‘ve supported adding features for the Faster-CPython project.
  • I’ve ported C extensions to multiphase init and by converting static types to heap types to support multi-core sub interpreter projects and also I‘ve supported related things. Victor and I talked about this at Python Language Summit 2021
  • I‘ve contributed some CPython performance-related things. One of my efforts was to accelerate built-in classes initializations(e.g set, tuple, enumerate…).
    As the result, it became faster through from Python 3.9 to Python 3.11

My Personal Profiles: