Steering Council nomination: Emily Morehouse (2024 term)

I’m once again nominating myself for the 2024 Steering Council.

As I reflect on the last 11 months or so of serving on the council, I’m incredibly proud of what we as a collective have been able to accomplish. We’ve tackled some tricky and wildly complex issues (sometimes with weeks if not months of discussions and incredibly detailed consideration), grown the Developers in Residence team for CPython, and taken steps towards improving our mentorship support.

I’m grateful not only for the opportunity to serve, but also for folks that I’ve had the chance to work alongside. Collaborating at a caliber such as this requires trust and safety among all of us – we all have had strong opinions on things that we pushed back on, moments when we had to ask questions to understand something more thoroughly, times where we’ve dropped the ball and had to lean on each other because life got in the way of getting things done. None of that happens without immense trust, and I couldn’t appreciate the openness and diversity of thought of this group more. I would enthusiastically serve alongside @thomas, @pablogsal, and @gpshead again (and of course @brettcannon who is taking a well-deserved break).

My previous nomination post still holds true, but here are some more recent updates:

  • A few things that I’m excited about:
    • Direct mentorship support in the form of workshops and materials to use later
    • Growing the PSF-funded Developers in Residence, and the long-term planning and financial support of these people
    • Delegation to working groups, particularly the new Typing and C-API WGs.
  • A couple of areas to improve:
    • Striking the balance between nice-to-haves across various parts of the language alongside performance and stability has, at times, been tricky. I still feel that there are certain areas (namely, typing) that have a strong pull to come to the forefront for many users. I’m hopeful that the Typing WG can be a guiding force to pave the way for this effort and bring strong community-backed support for language-based changes.
    • Communication! It’s incredible how difficult and time-consuming it is to not only take notes in a meeting that you’re also participating in but also summarize those notes in an appropriate way to share them widely while not divulging any work-in-progress or unannounced decisions (then get everyone to review and approving posting them). :sweat_smile: I highly support the effort to hire an external notetaker and revamp the SC updates process to support faster dissemination of information.

Background Recap:

Also similar to my previous nominations for those who may not know me :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Python Core Developer since 2018
    • Attended the PyCon US Language Summits since 2017
    • Attended all but 1 2 Core Sprints since 2018
  • PyCon US Co-Chair 2019, PyCon US Chair 2020 - 2022
  • PSF Fellow awarded in 2021
  • Co-Founder and Director of Engineering at Cuttlesoft since 2014
  • Organizer of a handful of Python and Javascript meetup groups pre-COVID
  • Given talks and keynotes around the world since 2018
  • Implemented PEP 572 Assignment Expressions

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