Steering Council nomination: Gregory P. Smith

As discussed with a couple, I’m nominating myself as a candidate for the steering council.

Why elect Gregory P. Smith?

I have been a CPython core developer for ~16 years. You probably know me as @gpshead on GitHub & Twitter, or gregory.p.smith on That BPO link may not do the right thing, PEP 581 to fix that perhaps? In person? I have attended the PyCon US CPython core dev. sprints since 2008 and all of the northern hemisphere autumn core dev. sprints so far.

CPython wise you probably associate me with the creation of hashlib (2.5) and the POSIX subprocess implementation (3.2) and its associated widely used backport subprocess32.


Words chosen in Benjamin Peterson’s self nomination really ring true to me as well: You’ll find me associating with gory implementation details. I want things to be better, faster, and stronger. Ideally without users feeling pain from a change unless absolutely necessary for the health of the ecosystem. This ties in well with our quality and stability mandate.

Our language governance model is intentionally vague on exact implementation details. It leaves many details to be worked out by the Steering Council itself. It’ll be up to those of us elected what this actually means.

As far as making contributing accessible, inclusive, and sustainable I personally prefer working on diverse and inclusive teams. I don’t have particular ideas to offer here post election but am listening. I am especially interested when we have a way to measure results (hard!). Before you cast your ballot, I encourage everyone consider the overall council makeup.

For a decision making process for PEPs: I expect us to often designate PEP Delegates to avoid overloading ourselves and to seek neutral-ish parties or domain experts as deemed appropriate for a given PEP. The steering council should weigh in when it makes sense to act as a resolving deciding voice in situations where no consensus seems destined to be formed (the “court of final appeal”). A lack of consensus should not be assumed to be an automatic “no” on any decision, though I predict that could be common.

Affiliations etc.

I work for Google on our Languages, Optimizations, & Libraries team wrangling our internal Python runtime needs along with Thomas Wouters (committer & PSF board member) and a bunch of others (hi!) who are not active CPython core devs. Python is one of our most widely used languages.

I also love hardware. I find projects such as CircuitPython (and its origin, MicroPython) to be important up and coming stars for the maker world.

When I’m not on a computer or sleeping, I’m probably riding my bicycle.

Happy voting! :slightly_smiling_face: :ballot_box: