Steering Council nomination: Guido van Rossum


(Guido van Rossum) #1

Home page:
Twitter: @gvanrossum
GitHub: gvanrossum
Blogs: Neopythonic, Python history, Artima

I won’t be offended when people don’t elect me, but I thought I’d at least give people the option to vote for maximum continuity. I won’t use the BDFL title.

PS: I work for Dropbox.

(Brett Cannon) #2

Were you planning to add yourself to at a later date?

(Guido van Rossum) #3

Thanks for the reminder! Done now. (Is there any other process I should follow?)

(Brett Cannon) #4


Nope, the PEP is the canonical list of candidates and the only real requirement to get on to the ballot. Posting here is to be more visible in your nomination, let people know more about you, and to help promote yourself. :wink:

(Senthil) #5

Welcome, @guido . Excited to see your nomination.