Steering Council nomination: Łukasz Langa


(Łukasz Langa) #1

Nominated By

  • Brett Cannon
  • Guido van Rossum

From the perspective of the Council’s mandate

  • Maintain the quality and stability of the Python language and CPython interpreter,
    • Release manager for Python 3.8/3.9
  • Make contributing as accessible, inclusive, and sustainable as possible,
    • Key driver in experimenting with our communication tools to increase accessibility
  • Formalize and maintain the relationship between the core team and the PSF,
  • Establish appropriate decision-making processes for PEPs,
    • (Co-)Author of 10 PEPs
  • Seek consensus among contributors and the core team before acting in a formal capacity,
    • PyCon US language summit co-organizer starting in 2019
    • Author of PEP 8012, the second most popular governance PEP
  • Act as a “court of final appeal” for decisions where all other methods have failed.
    • Creator/lead on Black, where the whole project is about opinion and dealing with people disagreeing with your subjective choices :wink:

Selected Qualifications

Project Lead

Łukasz is the creator/lead of Black, which means he already leads a popular project on his own.

Łukasz also used to lead Python infrastructure at Instagram/Facebook, so he has experience running a large installation of Python and thus its pain points.

As author of PEP 8012, Łukasz was the author the second most popular governance PEP, suggesting that his ideas of how the project should be run are liked by a good portion of core developers.

Language Design

Łukasz has played an important role in the type hinting work that has gone on in Python.

Łukasz is the creator/lead of Black. That has put him in the position of having to run not only a very popular project, but one that is heavily based on personal taste and thus a frequent target of other people’s “opinion”.

Do we want to list nominators for core developers in PEP 8100?
Release manager position and steering council seat
(Brett Cannon) #2

FYI I wrote the initial version of the announcement, but as soon as I posted it I transferred ownership to @ambv so he could update it as he saw fit.

(Antoine Pitrou) #3

Excellent point!