Steering Council nomination: Mariatta (2022 term)

Background and credentials

I’ve been a Python core developer since 2017. For my work for Python and the open source community, I’ve been awarded PSF Community Service award in 2018, Google Open Source Peer Bonus award in 2017 and 2020, and I became a PSF Fellow member in 2020.
I have been a PSF Supporting member for a few years. I’ve also been featured as GitHub Maintainer Spotlight for GitHub Sponsors and The ReadME project .


Employment status: I currently work as Senior Developer Relations Engineer at Google.

Previous nomination

Please read Steering Council Nomination: Mariatta (2021 Term) for more details.
My thoughts from last year stay pretty much the same.

Focus area

  • Help get the Python Docs WG get off the ground
  • Ensure progress on GitHub Issues migration effort, as well as the new CLA system
  • Support the Developer in Residence program
  • CoC enforcement and handling
  • Engage and communicate with the wider Python community

Mariatta has my endorsement whole-heartedly. Among a wonderful slate of candidates, Mariatta’s work on the culture and community around CPython development stands out. She understands the pulse of the greater Python community and has been a strong advocate for reducing developer toil through automation.


Carol said it well. I, too, endorse Mariatta. I recall when she asked me to mentor, long ago, and how even then she taught me as much as I could teach her. I especially love Mariatta’s skills and sensibilities as a community organizer – and I admire her skill at writing bots.

Vote for Mariatta! (And all the other wonderful candidates, of course.)


+1 from me. It was a great to work with Mariatta on the core dev virtual sprint last year, and I think that model helped us in making this year’s sprint with less effort. It was still nowhere near the experience that I imagine an in-person one would be (I haven’t been to one yet, haha), but it is infinitely better than nothing. :slight_smile:

She has also done so much great work on the bots; I can’t even imagine how many more PRs have gone through thanks to automation. Miss Islington for the win!


+1 from me. Mariatta is an excellent leader in Pyladies and I’m certain she will be an excellent person for the Steering Council. Vote for Mariatta!