Steering Council Nominations Are Now Open (2023 term)

Nominations for the 2022 Steering Council Election (2023 term) are now open.

Nominations will close at the end of 2022-11-28 Anywhere on Earth

For full timeline, see PEP 8104 - 2023 Term Steering Council election

Per PEP 13, members of the Committers group can post to this category to nominate a person. All users are able to reply.

Nominations should be posted as a Topic in the Core Development category w/ the Steering Council Nominations label with the name f"Steering Council nomination: {NOMINEE_NAME} (2023 term)" and tagged with the election tag.

All Posts and Replies in this category will be moderated, so there may some delay before they appear.


Looks like the link to the nomination close date/time isn’t configured properly; it’s 12 hours off. Here’s a correct link using Baker Island/AoE or you can use noon UTC if you prefer.


Thank you Emily. The link has been updated here and will be double checked elsewhere.