Stochastic differential equation

I am trying to solve a stochastic differential equation of the form dx(t)=(ax(t)-bx(t)log(x(t))dt+cx(t)*dwt.
With a=0.1,b=0.3 and c=0.1. I have looked to implement the sdeint package but I am having trouble using it and then being able to produce a graph from it.

Welcome! As it seems your question relates to the sdeint package, rather than the Python language itself (which is the subject of this forum), you’re much more likely to get better help asking it on a sdeint-specific resource, such as a subreddit, Gitter, forum or bug tracker, or potentially on Stack Overflow under the appropriate tags—it is unlikely that anyone likely to see this message here is familiar with that package.

Also, when you do so, you’ll want to actually describe your specific problems in sufficient detail—the above approach provides essentially no information on which to go on to debug the problem(s), aside from the reader essentially doing all the work of implementing a solution from scratch for you, which is neither helpful to you nor is a fair use of others’ time. In particular, you’ll want to describe, in detail, the task at hand (including being transparent about whether it was a homework/school assignment), exactly what you tried, the complete traceback and message of the error(s) you got, basic information about your system (OS, Python version, sdeint version, how you installed/run it, etc) what behavior you expected and what you saw instead.

Best of luck!