Stop auto upgrading python version

My python is automatically upgrading to 3.120b almost every alternate day. I don’t want to upgrade it. I am not able to stop this auto upgradation. Does anyone know how can I stop?

You have provided enough information for us to comment on what you are seeing.
What OS and what version of that OS are you using?
How did you install python 3.12?

Only on my Fedora system does python update when I update the OS. has no automatic update on windows or macOS.

I am using windows 11. I may have installed python 3.12 once from Download Python |
Later realized that few libs doesn’t work with it, and I uninstalled and installed 3.8. But, I see that for some reason in every 1-2 days, python is upgraded to 3.12.
Let me still try out stopping OS updates. Is there anything else you would recommend me trying out?

How did you install the python 3.8 was it also from

I know of no way that it will be upgraded to the beta version of python 3.12 or the final release when that happens.

Is this your personal PC or managed by an IT department?
If IT then ask them if they are forcing this on you.

Yes, I installed 3.8 from only. Yes, it is IT managed system.

I use vs code insiders, I am now suspecting there may be some setting in vscode python extension which is causing this update. But, could not figure it out yet. Thanks for your time.

You should definitely first talk to them about it, then.