Struggling with json rpc, need suggestion for good online tutorial or book please

Hi everyone. I’m learning Python and I’m presently struggling with json rpc. I’m not getting it from my existing books, can’t find anything that helps on YouTube and would be really grateful if anyone could point me at a clear tutorial online or a book with a really good treatment in one of its chapters.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Presently in the position of a someone learning to swim and swallowing a lot of water but prefer to carry on struggling but perhaps with the aid of a buoyancy aid thrown in from the shore….

Kind regards,


A web search of json rpc gives lots of useful looking results, include the spec for json rpc.
Are any of them what you are looking for?

Thanks Barry, I hadn’t been getting far with web searches but I followed your advice, tried again, and I have solved my present problem. This is proving to be hard work but solving this problem involved solving several others at the same time and the feeling of satisfaction I now have is great.

Now I can write my little programme and keep climbing, albeit slowly.

Thanks for your help and encouragement.

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